image001Consider your existing bathroom:

* Are you happy with your present lighting?
* Do you have adequate storage for linens, personal items and appliances?
* Are drawers easy to open?
* Is the floor slip-resistant? How does it feel to your feet?
* Are your fixtures environmentally friendly?
* Is your shower and /or tub comfortable?
* Does more than one person use your bathroom? If so, is there adequate space for the number of users?
* Does your bathroom suit the size and physical ability of its users?
* Is the space inviting and relaxing?

Now, imagine for a moment, that same space after a beautiful bathroom remodel:

Ambient lighting is flattering, soothing. Separate task lighting provides the brightness needed for grooming. Natural light from a skylight or glass blocks may soften the space.

Storage is ample. Linens, personal items, even bathroom cleaning supplies, they all have their place, are easy to find and easy to reach when you want them.

Your flooring is non-slip, and feels good under tired feet. Perhaps you even have radiant in-floor heating for those chilly Portland mornings.

Your bathroom is environmentally friendly. Your toilet uses a low-flow flusher. Materials, including flooring, are natural and sustainable. Lighting is supplied by CFL bulbs, perhaps on dimmers to provide the different levels of light you need. Maybe you even have LED lighting fixtures, which will save you 40% or more in energy costs. Materials, including flooring are natural and sustainable.

Your shower refreshes, perhaps with steam jets, or a large rain shower. You might relax on a built-in shower seat. Your bathtub is a work of art, large enough to accommodate all of the day’s worries and scrub them away with a dozen high-powered jets.

Your bathroom space accommodates all of its users, with the right height counters, extras storage and sinks, maybe even grab bars for additional security.
Best of all, when you walk into your bathroom, you feel relaxed, re-energized, and rejuvenated.

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