Our Beliefs

Family-owned businesses are complex, integrated these relationships battling pressures and battling of the marketplace  of Home buying or making decisions to remodel your home can be taxing on any home buyer or family. These forces create unique issues and problems that are different from those experienced in non-family owned managed companies.

BowTie LLC & At BowTie Properties, LLC our Partners, we tackle the interrelated systems of both family and business. We focus exclusively on helping our clients by listening to the Dreams, desires and building the plan to make their Dreams and Visions come true. We stay focused with issues at hand that impact the final result Along with what may affect your investment.We bring 30+ years of home building /buying experience to your table.

Our unique approach begins with a set of values and principles.  Our work is driven by our beliefs that:

  • Family is the foundation of all contributing societies.


  • Business success is important to society.



  • Conflict is inevitable in any business transaction so it is important to create and help with this experience.



  • Establishing clear business roles, rules, and responsibilities for the deal, project is critical.



  • Building a strong relationship built from ethics within  is important to long term success.



  • The business should be used to solve problems to insure great customer/Client experience.



  • Business rule #1 – No Surprises!



  • Clear communication is the hallmark to a successful transaction.



  • Long term success requires common goals and shared values among the experience.



  • In order to achieve success, we must have clear Goals, see progress with  a consequence, effect, or outcome of something to client and Company.



  • Every business can be improved.



  • Ever Company, Client should believe that achieving long-term success are the abilities to adapt, change, and learn.



  • The bottom line of life is never money or things.


While there is no “silver bullet” to solve family business problems, these values provide the foundation to examine every situation individually and design a plan of action based on needs and proven solutions.